Calling all So Cal Guys

Looking for the skinny on practice tracks around So Cal. Me and some of the buds from Vegas want to trek down (probably on a weekend) to get some So Cal riding in. I see a lot of guys posting about Elsinore, what's up with that track?

Obviously, Glen Helen is closest to us here in Vegas, some guys do a day trip to there. I'm thinkin a trip for us to Elsinore would require an overnight, in that case none of us have enclosed trailers so I'd worry about our scoots getting ripped off at some hotel.

Thanks for the info in advance.

p.s. where all Vet riders (early 30s) so supercross tracks are not really the most fun for us to ride when trying out new tracks far away from home


There are two different tracks in the Victorville area. I ride at both of them and they are both fun. Check them out at

One is Sunrise Motocross Park which is off of Hwy 395 at the north end of Adelanto (just north/west of Victorville). It is an outdoor style track with alot of fun obstacles. It is a little bit more technical than VMC. $15.00 admission per bike, open Sat/Sun.

One is Victorville Motorsports Complex (VMC) which is right off of the I-15 at the north end of Victorville. It is a fun outdoor track with numerous types of safe obstacles. $15.00 admission per bike, open Fri/Sat/Sun.

Glen Helen is about another 40 minutes south of these two tracks.

Let me know when you wanna come down and I can try to get some other TTers to meet there.



Elsinore is a great facility. Their vet track is the best vet track in So Cal hands down. The main track is outstanding. On a ten scale I'd rate this facility a 9. It can't get a 10 cause the soil is slick as ice when wet, so after the water truck goes by you better sit for a while 10-15 minutes before hitting it.

Glen Helen is a very good facility also. They only have the national track that you can ride and it's a fun track. The soil is kinda sandy/loamy and stays pretty nice. I'd rate it a 7 as it gets pretty rutted up and severly bumpy in the braking zones.

Perris has possibly the best soil in the nation. It's an excellent track and facility. It rates a 9 1/2 only cause it's a little short approx 80-90 seconds a lap. It's very close to Elsinore in proximity.

Comp Park is fun. The soil is the same as Elsinore except that it has lingering odors of pig crap in it with millions of flies to go with it (it used to be a pig farm). Their vet track is OK nothing spectacular. The main track is a very difficult/technical track. I didn't feel comfortable on it at all. They've got a couple other tracks that are small and supercrossy and not to my liking. I'd rate it at about a 6. I was annoyed with drive (it's out in the middle of no where), the flies and felt the vet track needed a lot of work and the main track would kill me. Many people love this place, I'm not one of em.

I raced at Glen Helen and the guys parked next to me were from Vegas and said it only took 3 hours to get there. I'd say it would probably take another 30-40 minutes beyond Glen Helen to get to Elsinore or Perris. In my opinion they're worth the drive.

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Just my thoughts...

*Elsinore: hard hard pack, lots of jumps, mid speed, slick as sh*t when wet. Multi tracks to ride. A+Fun.

*Glen Helen: Combo;Sandy/hard/loam. Very fast and rough, Not too many big jumps, faces get kickers. Lots of work but cool.

*Comp Park: BigBig jumps, hard pack, good veriety. Multi tracks, Big track is a blast. A+

*Starwest: Supposedly supercross, but easy. Lots of jumps. Loamy. Cool but gets boring quick.

*Perris: Loamy, awesome dirt. Good jumps. Lots of fast locals and factory guys. Must check out.

*Sunrise: Fast and very sandy. In Victorville area. Closest to Vegas. Some jumps/whoops. Pretend your in Southwicke.

*Carlsbad: Not too many open practice days. Fast and either muddy cruddy when wet or hard as you know what when dry. Hills, Natural terrain.

*Saddleback: newest, haven't seen yet but heard mixed feedback.

There are a few more like LA Raceway and Castaic. More than enough to keep you guys busy. What's great about this time of year is seeing alot of the factory guys (as well as the magazines) out everywhere practicing/testing.

Thanks guys. A couple weeks back I was going to Knotts Berry Farm with the family and saw people riding on that track next to I-15, just couldn't remember if it was near Barstow or Victorville.

Also, I've been to the Parris track before to watch open practice while I was in the area on business. Checked out the track next to Lake Perris as well, is that Starwest? I can't quite remember as it's been a couple of years.


I'll be sure to give you a shout before we head south, it'd be cool to hook up. Not sure if we'll make it this weekend and next weekend the wife is dragging me to a concert on Sat night. It may be a couple weeks or so but we'll definately be heading you way.


OK, just let me know as far ahead of time as you can. Some of us are planning a trip to VMC on the 21st of Dec..

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