09 yz450 rear shock.... what other years YZ will work?

I need to rebuild the rear shock on my 09 450. With a job in road construction, and without any parts ordered yet ..... and a 13 year old son I ride with, I don't want the down time. I want to pick up a used shock on ebay cheap to use until I can get mine going again. Will any 426/450 shock work up until 09?

Also, what fluid do I use in the rear shock? I can't seem to find out much about what to use.

I think a 426 shock is 1/8 inch shorter than the shock from the 450s. Earlier 450s had the same length as yours, but the size of the shafts were smaller. I may have a extra 04 shock somewhere

I'd stick with any 06-09 Yz shock. Pre 06 they used a 16mm shock shaft, in 06 they changed to a 18mm shaft and started using a titanium spring. All 06-09 shocks are the same length and will work however each model has a different rate shock spring as well as different valving. So basically any 06-up 125 250 250f or 450 will work. If you want to keep the valving close to yours now then get the 450 shock.

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