No way ! Check me out!!

I was checking out MC's sight, when I came accross this pic of me, my wife and two kids. I am the goon with the camera strap over my light blue jacket. My kids or on the left and my wife just in frame to the left of them!


Allright! You're a website star! Looks like your little one in red is doing chin-ups on the baracade. Getting in shape for his first moto no doubt. :)

Actually, I'm the AMA guy in the photo, and that's my mistress telling me how unhappy she is with her marriage.

Ironically, it's all a matter of better performance, rules or not.

I can't help it I spend all my money on parts ie oil filter and oil and all my time changing it but the time i have left i ride. It's either sell the bike and save the marriage or let her go.......have fun davej

[ November 30, 2001: Message edited by: mxcowboy ]

You Rule Bevis!

That's me working on the bike and my wife trying to distract the ama guy so he don't see me putting on illegal parts.....LOL

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