Headlight Help

I need some input on putting a headlight on my 98 YZ 400. Should I go with the E-line stator from Baja Design, or go with the WR stator. I am leaning towards the WR, only because I think the E-line is ugly. Will I be happy with the performance of the WR? Thanks for your help.

You might try posting this question at the "WR" forum. Those guys deal with issue often.

I have an eline. It works great but is expensive and heavy. I built my own 8" light. Personally, I would go with the WR. Unless you're racing at night, you don't need 2 100watt outputs. Use a Honda XR headlight shroud (about $85) with a glass headlight and 55w bulb (about $25 from Baja Designs and is cheap when you have to replace it). The Honda straps won't fit your forks, they are expensive anyway. Figure out how to mount the plastic shroud. Post an ad looking for a used WR coil, maybe even in Cycle News. You'll find 55w with the glass Honda lens works great at night.

I put the E-Line on my 2000 426 and was happy with it. Except, it "weeps" oil at the seal. I called Baja Designs and they said "it's an after market thing." . Not satisfied with that, I put some "orange" RTV silicone sealer on the gasket and it seems to work fine. Be advised the E-line unit is also a flywheel weight (about 12 oz. I think). I believe it is 175 watts and the WR is 35. It also comes with a different shift lever. As for looks, it grows on you aft a while!

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