Setting 2008 rear shock rebound

I swapped the stock springs back into the bike. The bike had Heavier Racetech springs before, and the previous owner had the front revalved. I am uncertain if the rear shock was touched aside from the spring..

Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to adjust the rebound on the shock. I didn't find anything in the manual explicitly stating how to adjust it on this shock, and reading the Internet it seems the low speed compression screw is a combination rebound and compression adjuster?

I need to adjust since the bike is kicking out and a little up on jumps this weekend.

The sag is all set, but I am scratching my head on rebound setting. I guess set the compression harder?

Any help is appreciated! I am literally losing sleep over getting the suspension sorted. Trying to wrap my head around how the bike handled and what I need to change next. :)



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It's on the bottom/side of the shock on the right side.

Remember, two clicks of the rebound affects compression approx 1/2 a click.

Many thanks sir! I guess I was looking for a different looking adjuster down there. Don't know why I missed that screw! Its obvious now that I know that is it.

I am not sure why the manual doesn't cover this more. They wrote a page on setting the sag, but dont ( that I could find ) really identify location of low speed compression, high speed compression, or rebound screws. Perhaps the assume the reader will supplement the manual with Thumpertalk. :)



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