2007 WR450 NJ Plated

I am going to check out an 2007 WR450 that is plated in NJ. Can anyone tell me if I will have any issues getting this bike registered as a street legal in NY state. The owner told me all that is missing is the blinkers, so I can have those installed.


NJ has no motorcycle inspection anymore so once you get a plate you're good to go.

Mine has no street legal gear other than a license plate and I've never been bothered by the gestapo.

I have no idea what NYS would do but I see plenty of guys with at enduros with NYS license plates.

Im not concerned about getting the inspection done in NYS. I am more concerned that when I buy the bike and take the NJ Title to a NY DMV they will tell me this bike is not street legal by checking the VIN# on Title. Once they accept the title I will add the Baja package and ge tthe inspection done by a local shop.

Shouldnt be a problem at all with a current reg/title. Doubt they will look at it twice except for checkin the VIN.

I have the exact same situation and questions, except I am in PA. It would be great if my plated 09 would come from NJ to PA as plated. I spoke to a notary and she said they will run the vin and what ever it comes up as is what she has to title it as. So, if the vin comes up as an OHV, it will get an OHV title.

I have no practical experience with this, but I did just get my bike plated, and so am guessing that they are going to let you register it as an on highway vehicle. Because its already registered this way, I think they are just going to make sure the title matches the bike when they run the VIN. I don't think they are going to run the VIN to see if it is OHV or off.. The VIN ( for CA ) is somewhat subjective- you can get a bike plated here as long as the VIN does not have a 3 or C in the 8th position- like red sticker ( 2 strokes do )..

I live in CA, and cars from other states are registered into CA every day even though they don't have the same emissions requirements.

If you need to get an inspection, it will probably be to check your VIN matches your title, and they may check you have the equipment required for driving on the street, such as turn signals, high beam, horn, brake light. But if you have those ( or maybe your state requires less? ), and the bikes paperwork belongs to the bike- you should be good.



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I'm not too sure how NY is compared to California or other states... But I bought a used 2004 WR450F (Red Stickered mind you) that had a Motorcycle Title. I transferred it to my state (VT) without any hiccups. Got temp plates immediately. I have yet to get the bike inspected as I'm working on getting a Hi/Lo beam installed, but as far as inspection goes here - they will see if the necessary equipment is on - and make sure that the bike's VIN matches the Title VIN - it's to make sure it's not stolen or has Liens / etc. Other then that - it's a fairly easy process as long as the Title has Motorcycle on it already. IF it has OHV / off road on Title, you may have to jump through some loops during the DMV process but I'm not entirely sure on that.

Bringing this back as I just changed the title for my 09 WR. I bought it from NJ with an MC title. Changed it at the DMV with a bill of sale and signed title and left with a MC title, registration and a licence plate. I asked the teller and he said if it has an MC title from another state it should come through as a MC in PA. As opposed to an OHV.

my 2009 wr was OHV but the owner in maryland converted it there, it passed inspection and they gave him a title WITHOUT the OHV on it.  I now own the bike and live in PA with a PA plate.  The state couldn't do anything about it, b/c the MD DMV already converted the title by removing the OHV. hope this helps.

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