Yamaha 426f 2001 accidentaly ran with hot choke pulled out

Hi i accidentaly rode after fudling with my hotchoke open. Curious to know if i coulda damaged anything due to this. Bought used and just playin safe :) ????? Any advice would b nice tyvm

Oops sorry. Meant "fuelinling up". Not fudling. Sorry.

Phones screen is broke. "FUELING UP" lol.

The bike would have just ran a bit Hotter / Leaner and probably popped a lot when decelerating.

If it didn't boil the coolant then you should be fine.

Yes yes. Thats exactly it. No no. No boiling. Was jyst hot soundin. But like i had said. No racing. Jyst hit all 5 gears up on a dirt stretch. N stalled when creepin up into a wet ditch w tracks n hit low rp's fer a second. Went to restart n noticed hot choke pulled out. Worried me. Tyvm for all the help guys. Bike seems fine. Plug mighta got upset @ me n pipes got hot n popping when decelratin. :). But starts lika charm like always did. :). No leaks. Oils golden. N coolants there. :). I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!


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