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The neat thing about this Kouba, is that it STAYS on the carb.

Plus, I figured if we can get a good deal, THIS ENTIRE WEBSIGHT benefits! :)

True, but how often do you have to adjust the pilot screw?

How well does it stay on?

I would hate to lose a $16.00 tool, I get pissed when i miss place a $3.00 wrench or should i say my wife or kids borrow it

Originally posted by mxcowboy:

True, but how often do you have to adjust the pilot screw?

How well does it stay on?

I have one on my WR250F and on my YZ426F. I adjust mine all the time, and you can reach down with your gloves on and do it (I ride in temps from 100F to 20F, and alts from 4000ft to 13,000 ft). Only takes a second. And believe me, they are NOT coming off. Its a pretty good interference fit, you tap them on with a light hammer. Well worth it.

The downside is that the adjuster hits the cam chain tensioner when you rotate the carb to get to the needle. You can lift the carb and let the rubber boot deform, but its not clean.

Here you go guys!

I will need a DEFINATIVE amount of folks who want these things. I will REQUIRE payment in ADVANCE.

For postage, I will have a one price fits all. I cannot go through the hassle of, "Let's see, this one pays shipping to CA, this one pays shipping to MD, this one to pays shipping to Switzerland (Hey Missle!!)", etc. I DO NOT plan on making a profit, I do not plan on screwing anyone over. It will be a one price fits all. And no, I do not plan on putting a down payment, based on profits, on my CRF250 Honda. That just ain't me!

Here is what Mr. Kouba has to say:


As you are probably already aware we sell them at $16.00 ea. including first class mail shipping to anywhere in the US but had to require a $25.00 min order to cover all the packaging and shipping time. So now the majority of our customers just purchase 2 ea. for $32.00 to cover the $25.00 min or they order l ea. with a set of links. I would surely cut you guys a deal on a quantity order if I did not have to ship them individually. Any idea on the amounts? 20-100 pieces would be in the $11.00 range including packaging and installation instructions. I could probably get a couple more bucks off of that on a one time deal for the Thumper Talk folks if I did not have to do the packaging and had an order for over the 100 pieces. Thanks for your inquiry and hope to hear back. Norm


Dr. DR

Home of the Kouba Link


I'm in for two of them. They are a trick little helper. Send me all the details,

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