Will linkage from a 2006 fit a 2007 yz450f

I recently Purchased a swing arm and linkage off an 06 on ebay for 56 dollars shipped. I was planning on using the swing arm, my chain slidder has wore threw the swing are. But the swing arm has chain wear damage around the pivot. The bearings are like new in the linkage, so Im thinking of using the linkage if possible, looks similar but the numbers/letters are differant on the linkage. The seller said they would refund the original price but I would have to eat return shipping if I send it back.

Those two years are interchangeable.

Thanks. the only thing that wont interchange than is the chain guide. The swing arms have the same part numbers but the chain guides are differant.

The swing arms have two different part numbers. The '06 is 1C3-22110-50-00, and fits a bunch of different YZ's, but the '07 is 2S2-22110-70-00. That one was built expressly for the YZ450F, and was used on the '08 as well. The swing arms will interchange with earlier or later frames, but as you say, there are things that have to go along with the swap.

But the connecting rod, or link, as it's commonly called, and relay arm are the same parts on all three years.

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