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California The PURE 300 is ready for all UTVs/SXS

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Awesome 300 miler with a brand new course using sections we have not used in years!!!

Attached are the entry form, course and info for our next event in the 2013 PURE SXS DESERT OFF-ROAD SERIES...

go to: www.averacing.com also to get additional details







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We just got word that our good friends at IRC will handle the tracking of our entire race, both "live" and static.

And the best part is that they are making a "special" deal for AVE racers in order to encourage more racers to participate by charging $35 per unit/per race vehicle. This means that in addition to your entry fee, you will need to pay $35 directly to IRC. They will be at the start/finish to make sure the unit is on and working and will be at the finish line when you complete the race.

Immediately after you finish they will download your information to the computer which will assist us in the scoring of the race.

This is a great deal and we have to take advantage of it because it will probably go up a bit after this race. Regardless, this will insure good racing, good coordination and help keep everyone on the marked course.


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For immediate press release…


California City, CA – June 7, 2013 – Lou Peralta, promoter of the PURE SXS SERIES, Presented by Side-X-Side Performance.com, announced today that IRC will be the official tracking system for all the remaining races in the series. Each vehicle will have to have a tracking unit that will be satellite-driven to indicate the position and location of each race vehicle and beam it back to timing and scoring. It will also be available through the internet.

IRC and AVE go back a long way and Steve Meyers, president of IRC, has made a “special” deal for the AVE racers for this first event with a rental fee for the unit of only $35.00 per entry, per event. This fee may go up in subsequent events but will probably stay under $50 for the AVE PURE races.

Peralta noted, “This is truly great and we appreciate Steve and IRC for helping our series and our racers ease into this new-age-style of racing. We are delighted because, as in the past, many environmentalists have tried to pin some negative stuff against our racers, only to prove to them that we stay within the marked course. This is a great tool for us and we appreciate Steve giving our racers such a deal.”

The PURE “300” Presented by Side-X-Side Performasnce.com will start 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 22, with each vehicle leaving in 30-second intervals. Most will experience at least two or three laps in the daylight and the rest deep into the night, so bring lights. The laps consists of 44-mile and they have every type of desert challenges but in short spurts. There will be a mid-way point also for pitting and viewing.

For more details go to: www.averacing.com or e-mail to info@averacing.com. Pros and Sportsmen entries are available and you can either mail, fax or e-mail tyour entry. Race day signup go up by $100.00.



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The PURE 300 SXS OFF ROAD DESERT SERIES, Presented by SXSPerformance.com announces the following:

Here is the start/finish and parking situation for the PURE 300 - June 21-23, 2013 -

Pit assignments are on a first-come-first-served basis if you have signed up either by sending your deposit or paid the entry in full.

Go to: www.averacing.com for more details



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We have moved the MC/ATV race to the following Saturday, June 29 in order to dedicate the entire day to the SXS/UTVs. There's also a method to our madness.

We are going to reserve the Saturday mornings of the SXS race to "QUALIFY" for starting positions at the next event, the PURE "350" Presented by SXSPerformance.com.

Therefore, we are doing away with drawing for starting positions and for the next event, be ready to qualify for you starting spot. We will lay out a 2-mile course directly in front of our property and hills for everyone to qualify, whether you are racing in the Sportsman or Pro classes. Due to the fact that we are awarding the 1.5K-KUP Overall title at the end of the year, we are going to make it fair for everyone to get their best shot and starting spot and a chance to wind up among the overall finishers.

Therefore, if you're racing the series and plan on attending our "350" event, be ready to qualify in front of God and Country and your family and friends to establish your starting positions.

Go to www.averacing.com for more details shortly.

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We’ve received calls regarding signing up for the upcoming PURE “300” SXS OFF-ROAD RACE, Presented by SXSPERFORMANCE.COM asking as to when is the last moment you can sign up before going into the “Late Fee” structure. SORRY but we have reached our limit of 400 entries and can’t accept any more!!!

Just kidding of course.

We would suggest now to send your entry in. However, we will be at the start/finish on Friday, June 21, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. taking in almost-late entries for the same regular price:

• $350.00 PROS, with $200.00 going back to the purse and

• $150.00 SPORTSMEN who will be competing for trophies and no payback.

However, if you get us your entry either via fax to our toll-free number: 1.877.842.3052 or e-mail it to: info@averacing.com or send it so that it arrives by this Thursday (via snail-mail) to: P.O. Box 2141, California City, CA 93504 – You’ll be in the game and we can assign you a starting position and provide you with your race numbers (black solid numbers with white background).

But if you sign up on Saturday, June 22, race day, you’ll have an additional $100.00 to the regular entry fee. Not cool for you, great for us!!! Not really because it make for more work for us at the last minute.

You’ll be able to pre-run the 44-plus-mile course on Friday, from Noon until ??? We suggest you take at least one pre-run lap at night since most competitors will have at least two or three laps in the dead of night.

Just saying.

ONE LAST NOTE: We have moved the Motorcycle and ATV Classes and the event to the following weekend (June 29), so you’ll have the entire weekend to yourselves.


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usaCa.gif Re: Pure Side-X-Side Desert Series

For immediate press release…


California City, CA – June 27, 2013 - The second round of the PURE SIDE-X-SIDE OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES Presented by SXSPerformance.com concluded Saturday, April 22 with the PURE “300” romp around the 208-square miles of California City.

As the dust settled and the trusty IRC tracking units were checked, Josh and Jim Westling (Polaris XP900) picked up the Overall and the Sportsman Class win. That’s right: Sportsman - Josh, who has been racing with Alta Vista Events for the past four years, proved that he is as fast and steady as anyone. Why is Josh running as a Sportsman and not running in the Pro Division? That’s was his choice at the beginning of the year. His Polaris, although somewhat modified, is basically much like a stock unit and perhaps he felt he could not compete with the high-powered and highly-modified units that would show up to race in the PRO Division. Which goes to show you that in an endurance event, where distances are much more of a challenge than short spurts, and where steady speeds and driving, well put together equipment that may even be on a the mild side, will prove to be a winner almost every time.

Nonetheless, in the first event (the PURE “200”) Josh finished in the top five overall and won his class, while in this one, the PURE “300” he smoked them all by completing the required eight (8) laps in a time of 8:45:57:620. Did we mention that he was the only racer to complete all eight laps? Everyone else finished with seven laps or less in the allotted eight-hour time limit.

The son and father Team (Jim is his co-dog), just logged consistent laps times for the 300 miles with lap times of: 1:03, 1:04, 1:05, 1:02, 1:05, 1:05, 1:08 and 1:10 hrs.

At the finish, they were spent and they knew they had been in a race, but that’s what the Pure Side-X-Side Off-Road Desert Series is all about.

Second Overall and first in the Production 1000 Pro Class were Aaron Juarez and Derek Murray (CAN-AM Commander), finishing seven (7) laps in a time of 8:08:03.638. They picked up a nice fat check from a $2,000.00 purse in the Class. Third place Overall and second in the Pro Production 1000 Class, went to the team of Branden Sims and Jacob Caver (Polaris XP900). The Production 1000cc Class Pro paid down to fourth place.

Next on tap is the DWT PURE “350” August 2-4, Presented by SXSPerformance.com, when a brand new racecourse will be unveiled by Alta Vista Events (AVE). This time, the course will feature a 39-mile loop around volcanic mountains and solid dirt rails. When compared to the previous two courses (the PURE “200” and the PURE “300”), the course rating for this one will be on the “fast” side, according to Race Director, Alan Bell. “We’re going to give them a few more hills and climbs but for the most part, it’s going to be fun, fast and really filled with all types of terrain, including silt pockets. The nice thing is that racers will never be more than five miles away from the start/finish area.”

For the PURE “350” AVE will be give racers 10 hours to complete all 9 laps. However, for this event, the BONE STOCK Classes (Basically showroom equipment with safety mods only) will only have to complete six (6) laps in ten hours.

According to Lou Peralta, race organizer, “We’ve been thinking how to entice the Beginner or the “Newbie” to our sport who perhaps just bought a unit and has been playing with it in the desert. Looking at 200, 300, or 350 miles must be daunting for someone who may have never raced in the desert before. We are reducing the distances for the Bone Stock Class to afford many of these racers the opportunity to learn what this desert racing, off-road and endurance is all about.

For more details and to see particulars of all the AVE events, go to: Off-Road Racing - Dirt Racing DESERT RACING - Alta Vista Events - OFF-ROAD & DIRT RACING

PHOTO CAPTIONS #1 - Josh and Jim Westling (#1050) early in the race setting a steady and fast pace.

PHOTO CAPTIONS #2 - After eight-plus hours and 300 miles (actually 312 miles) later, the Westling Team takes

Checkered flag culminating a great effort against fast competition to nab

Overall and Production 1000cc Sportsman Class top honors.



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