Thor seems to have really stepped up to the plate lately with their new gear and new sponsorship deals. I got tired of tearing through my moto pants with my knee braces and have even resorted to having leather replaced when this happens. The new THOR gear comes with LEATHER knee inside protectors and I liked the 1st pair so much I purchased a second set when my AXO's blew out. Plus for knee brace wearer's they have extra room, even though with my bird legs I didn't need that! LOL

More pant company's should follow suit as more and more serious riders are using knee braces.

Good quality stuff, check it out if your tired of tearing up your pants and graphics.


They are really stepping up their visiblity also as they have signed Jeremy McGrath for the next three years to wear their gear.

Hey G-Man is that new gear the Core 4?

I find it hard to believe that Thor signed McGrath since he is part owner of No Fear. I don't think he would promote a competitors product.

think again motojunkie its a done deal magrath and no fear are no more !

I really like thor gear also but myself and friends have had problems with the fingertips of the core gloves splitting open for the last couple of years. I stopped using them.

I just happen to have a 02' THOR cat. sittin in front of me on top of my cpu!

They have some really trick lookin stuff!

Not too plain but Not too FLASHY!

I have a pair of thor pants that are 3yrs old and the only prob i have had is that damn 4stk pipe laying on me after a GIT'OFF!!!!!!!LOL

Burnt a damn hole right thu em'!!!!! :):D

Yes I do believe they are the Core 4's, they are resting comfortably nestled in my gear bag anticipating tomorrows race! Check out the ads in the new mags it's those, most durable pants on the market!

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