85 XR600 parts?


I just got at 85 xr600 with some tranny problems, making terrible noises in 2nd gear. I was wondering where the best place to get parts for it is?


The Ron Ayers site lists no parts for XR600s. You may have luck with:


They seem to have excellent prices for OEM parts.


My bad.

Ron Ayers has parts for any Honda. You just need to enter the part number. Service Honda or Ron Ayers almost always have the best prices on parts.

Yeah, I figured you could probably get the part thru Ayers with some effort. They do NOT have the XR600 on the menu, and no microfiche to look at. With no diagram it is virtually impossible to know what part you need or what part number you are even looking for. I have found BikeBandit to have substantially lower prices than our local dealers, and you can pull up the diagram on any XR600 and order a part just by looking at it.

I believe there is an 85 XR600 being parted out and sold in the For Sale forum.

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