05 WR450F bog/studder mid gear

HI Chris here

I have an 05 WR450F dirt/supermoto, when i go woods riding you dont really notice the bog. But when you go on the road every gear mid-rpm, mid of gear. bike will studder/bog untill i nail the throttle, i have a moose jet kit on bike was recremended by baha designs when I bought the baha kit. so I installed everything when riding on the road and ever since its been studdering. Bike idles perfect and i have no other problems with the bike becides a stupid crank case Leak, installed yesterday a new gasket come to find out i found a hairline crack in crankcase cover :banghead: This bog is so annoying can please some one help me find out whats going on.

Thanks chris

Studder or bog? Two separate things.

Studder while road riding and/ or holding a constant throttle is a known issue on the 450 that you don't notice off road since you rarely hold a constant throttle for any lengthy if time. Search this forum for solutions and symptoms.

Bog is probably carb and either jetting or the squirt jet not functioning. That's usually noticed when grabbing a handful of throttle to quickly accelerate. Rear the pinned threads at the top of the forum for help with that.

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