Heavier spring rates?

I've got 99 YZ 400, and I need a little more on

the suspension. I'm starting to do a little more motox, and at the local track all the fast guys are over jumping everything and running away from me. If I over jump something, it feels like I'm gonna bust my foot pegs off when I bottom out!!

I go 200# dripping wet with an anvil in my pocket, and am good intermediate, but a terrible

expert class rider. I've checked out race-techs

page and tech-cares page. Every body has there

own ideas. I'm sure you guys have talked about it

a lot, I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I think I can do better.

Where do I start? Proggressive springs? how much

higher spring rates do I start with?

Ben Hincher

Temperance MI

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