new to me 2004 yz450f

Just picked up my first 450 so far I really like it. The bike has FMF slip on and stage 1 hot cams intake and exhaust. With stock bore 12.5 piston. Been trying to read up on them some but I have a few questions about them. Do all these bikes flame out so easy I'm running 13-48 and its just dies so easy its frustrating. We do almost all hill climbing and trails. Also what weight oil do you run 10-40? Just one more question for now. Will a lowering link from a 06 work on the 03-05 I'm having problems finding the one for my bike.

describe your flame out, are you luggin the bike around just trying to keep moving? or trying to feather the clutch from stop ? flying top gear let off the throttle and she dies ?

remember your bike is a racing bike, not made for lugging in the trails and just off idle puttsing. she is designed to rip! even the cooling system Isnt designed for tight trails or muskeg. some things like lower gearing (the get the rpm up ) or heavier fly wheel, or hell I know some guys who turn the idle up lol ( not recommended)

Yes, they normally stall fairly easily in tighter sections because of their high strung nature and very low rotating mass of the crank assembly. Be sure that your idle mixture is properly adjusted, and your idle set high enough to be stable. Too rich an idle mix will make the bike prone to stalling and harder than it should be to start.

Get a weighted flywheel for the bike. It's a good, reasonably cheap way to help the bike in this regard, and has other benefits as well.

The flame out is mostly when you lug it down like cresting a climb and you don't have much room to stop at the top and you just try to ease over the top and kaput it flams out. Or when you have got squirly and choke it down to much in a big slick rock section of trail and kaput over with. The bike starts great always 1-3 kicks cold no choke. And runs like a raped monkey in the upper rpms I do miss 5th gear at times but I can deal with that. What about the lowering link willa 06+ work iI am tall enough for the bike but like to get it lower for climbing makes it a lot easier to handle if you don't make it and a fast dismount is easier with a lower bike just 1-2" is what I'm looking for

for woods and dirt climbing i run a 12 front and a 51 in the rear and it works pretty good. top speed sucks but its better in tight spots and doesnt die as easy in low rpms.

I've got a 51 ordered to go with the 13 that's on the bike. Also ordered a +16oz flywheel should say by by to flame out. Almost for got a JD jet kit as well. And to anyone that may be thinking about trying the 06+ rear linkage will not fit looks the same till there both off the bike the 06+ is wider

i think i run 14-45 on my 04 yz450 and yes it will stall in a heart beat if you mess up a little bit. im thinking of getting a 10oz flywheel see how it helps. i ride trail and desert... this bike is not made for putting . putting isnt fun on this bike, its just flat out braap to feal at home

The trails we ride on it would be impossible to ride with a 14-45 on this bike there to tight only way would maybe be with a z-start clutch.

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