GYTR Needle Position - 4000 to 8000 ft

Hi, question about the GYTR needle between 4000 to 8000ft. The instructions say put this on the 4th clip down. I understand that this kit is very rich for jets. I'm wondering for this elevation I should put it on the 3rd clip position if this needle is meant to be rich.

I'm using a 160, 45 pilot, and a 50 leak. I'm pretty happy with these settings, but I kept the stock needle in. I wonder now if I should remove the stock and put in the GYTR. Just wondering about needle position.


This is a great question. I have a buddy with a 2011 and the gytr kit. But it came with a 175 main. That seems too rich fir me even with the gytr needle. We are in idaho and ride about the same elevation.

I hope someone can chime in and help us both.


Another question is, If the stock jetting is lean for lower elevations. Those of us at higher elevations would not get as much benefit from the GYRT needle? I guess am trying to figure out the advantage of this needle compared to stock.

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