Hey a blue magic button!

Don't forget - it only adds 15 pounds!

TBM rode it over here in the UK & they couldn't fault it. they didn't notice the weight.

i don't think it is wider & the mag didn't complain. all in all it is a thoroughly pro job!

not like the french at all really! don't forget that enduro is absolutely massive in France. i don't think the british have ever understood this enthusiasm & i'm sure the USA can't either.

just say you're a biker & you don't pay for a drink all night!!! weird!

cost is about another £1,000 or $1,440. you can also buy the bikes new & it's only about £4,200 or $6,000.


&%$#@!! Waa waa waa. Should have bought a DRZ if you want an electric start lunker. :)

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I agree! E-buttons are for girls and streetbikes! :)

Hey Jake You cuold buy a KTM,and put on blue plastic.Now you can have it all. Are you still up for the trials lessons?


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

Hey Bryan, not all for girls. Just smart and does not weigh 15 lbs. :)


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Originally posted by Thumper Darryl:

Are you still up for the trials lessons?

I need some jumping lessons this week. Went out to a favorite spring spot with KerryT and Bryan yesterday. We were running up hill on a steep jeep road with large water berms. Basically I was trying to catch Kerry before the end and took a really hard/fast get-off! Ouch! :)

Sure, I'd love to work on some Balance/clutch/throttle/break/Balance stuff this fall. Should make for more fun videos, ay?


Most guys spend a lot of time going Balance/fall/curse, before they get to the other stuff,but it is still a lot of fun as a change from trail riding. We will have to find an "imaginary" taller seat for you. How is it looking for Oct.?


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

OOPS Wrong month. Jake Calgary TT ride is in Sept.

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