Hey Odie!

What's the Conn River MX track like? How many jumps, what kind, etc...

Out here most tracks now have a main track, vet track, and an 80 or pee wee track.

I'm hopin you'll have good news....


Ct River MX is located in Rocky Hill,Ct off of Rt. 91. It's current layout of the big track is about 1.5 miles. Lots of jumps - 3 50' tables, 1 60'dbl, 1 80' trpl, 40' step-up and 3 30' dbls. Dirt ranges from hardpack to deep sand. One part has a lot of tight switch backs. It also has a supercross track in the center of this track - really tight & technical. There's a sh!tty pee-wee track and there's also a flat track that was intended for quad use. The place is cool - both Doug Henry & John Dowd have been known to visit here.

That's the way it has run for the six years that I've been a member. Management has just recently changed hands. Tony LaRusso is the new operations manager. Tony is an ex national rider - maybe you recognize the name. Anyway, next season is promising to be a great season. There will be a complete rebuild of the main track & a new real pee-wee track has been requested. There also happens to be another 20 acres that was never used before.

I can't wait. I'll have to make it through another freakin' winter. I go absolutely crazy - I'll play the buttons off the PS2, watch all my MX tapes, watch and record ESPN2, tear my bike apart & buy every bike goody that I shouldn't buy. Luckily for me - the wife feels sorry for me and eventually (sometime in March)lets me poke her while wearing my Alpinestars :D:D She draws the line with the helmet and goggles though. :)



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Unfortunately, there's no racing at Rocky Hill. It is strickly a practice track. It has something to do with the local Connecticut laws. Oh well. That's not to say that we don't do a little block passing during "practice".

Membership is $225 a year. Track is open everyday from sun-up to sun-down. Day riders pay $25 for the day. Most track throughout Ct & NY charge $25-$30 for the day. There's got to be some tracks up in Mass. that offer membership and racing. I think.

Dude - I was reading your response while the wife and kids were watching TV - I couldn't help but bust out laughing. She was curious and came over to see what was so funny. Talk about closing out a program super quick. She would've cut me off quick. Anyway, where'd I put my gear - Oh honey......Can I put these on now? :)



That's OK if they don't have racing. I'm sure I can find that at another track. Being in Rhode Island I'm centrally located and can hit most tracks in Conn and Mass in about an hour or an hour and a half which is no bigee as that's what I'm driving now.

Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission, so strap on the boots and helmet and take her for a spin!! :)

You're killin me...lol

Believe it or not, you've made my day. Sounds like a pretty fun track, can't wait to lay into it!

We're here until the last week of January so I'll only have to wait a couple months till they re-open. I plan to use that two months down time to get the forks done, I'm gonna have Enzo do em and add the subtanks, everyone that has em swears by them. I'm also gonna add new black excels to the program and I'm gonna try to lace em myself!

How does the membership deal work? Does it include just access to the track or does it also have it's own racing program?

p.s. Alpinestars, nice touch!

Hey Thumpy,

I just saw somewhere that you've performed the BK mod on 4 bikes. I am very curious about this mod but I'm still hesitant at the same time. I am very curious for the obvious reasons - everyone that performs it swears by it. Reasons for me hesitating are simple: 1)I've never met someone that performed this mod. 2)This is my 1st thumper, so I am a little leary about cracking into the carb (2smokes-no problem). 3) This is already by far the most potent MXer (and I've had quite a few) I've ever ridden - my bike runs like a bitch, don't wanna screw that up. 4) The only bog I feel is when I take a big hit, like if I come up short. My buddies 01' had a bad bog when you whacked it open, a little re-jetting with an WB R4 pipe eliminated that. Anyway, once you get your ass on this side, and we hook up in Ct - you gotta let me take your ride for a rip so I can judge for myself. Please...... :)




I'll tell ya what, I'll put my stock pipe back on and you can run it with the BK mod/stock pipe and see how she goes. Then, we'll put the Thunder Alley pipe on and see what ya think.

The BK mod is an exterior modification of the carb. There's a factory casting already there that doesn't have a hole drilled in it to accept the screw that is needed for this carburation correction. There's no disassembly of the carb at all. You simply remove the black plastic cover that protects the throttle linkage on the right side of the carb and it's all exposed. It's a very simple deal with NO negative consequences. If for some reason you didn't like it, you simply remove the screw that you installed and it's back to stock.

Check out motoman393's website for a photo of it.

We'll have ya hooked up in about a half hour.

p.s. I'm gonna be roosting Saddleback in about an hour, just thought you'd be glad to know the season is just getting going out here :)

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