'09 YZ450 What type of battery for my Enduro light Kit?

I've been reading all the threads about adding a light to a YZF, I know the bike is not made for one. I'm looking to do a little night riding as temps in the summer begin to heat up. I'm not looking to light the night up, or spend tons of dough, I'm thinking about the Polisport halogen headlight and LED tail light. Here is where I need help. I know nothing about watts, amps, volts, mah etc. I know I want to run something small and rechargeable for a battery. I went by the Hobby Shop today and they said I can either go LIPO or NIMH. Sounds like LIPO lasts longer, but if you let it drain too far down, you can't recharge it? NIMH, doesn't have the power, but is idiot proof? Lastly it's going in my airbox, so space is limited....unless someone has a better idea for battery location. I've seen discussion of this in other threads, but I didn't want to hijack someone elses thread for my particular situation. Thanks guys!!

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