YZ Airbox

Hi Everyone,

I just got an 06 wr450 that is close to brand new. Tearing is down to service everything, install pipe, DS kit, yz cam, small battery etc. I was planning on taking the top off the airbox and mounting the small 4 cell battery on the inside of the airbox. I did this on my last 05 a had a few years ago. Is there any advantage of using a yz airbox instead? It looks like the yz has a larger opening and has no lip in the back. The air would flow in better from the rear fender vents. I could make a mount for the relay.

a 03-05 air box is like 20 bucks on ebay so since i have everything off the bike I just wondered if it would provide any gains and if anyone else has done this.


There is no need for the YZ airbox.

It does not flow anymore air.

It's larger, so it can deal with an air filter that gets dirty fast (racing), and still have plenty of accessible filter surface area.

It has nothing to do with more air flow into the motor.

Thanks for the reply. That's what I was looking for.

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