Make your own fuel screw tool


If you email me the pics @ I will post them on my site along with the instructions! I am completely redoing my site and I should have it uploaded by the end of this weekend (it will load much quicker that the current one) Later,


I made my own tool to adjust the fuel screw. It was cheap and works like a charm. It does'nt stay attached to the fuel screw like the Kouba, it is a separate tool.

Three parts-

A piece of 7/32 O.D. brass tubing 1 1/2" long. (available at hobby shops or model railroad shops)

A "screwdriver bit" made from an 8 penny common box nail. I cut the nail to about 3/16" shorter than the brass tube. I hammered, ground and filed the cut end of the nail to make the "screwdriver bit". Make sure that the "bit" end is a snug fit inside the brass tube, this will insure that it is centered within the tube. Also make sure it is recessed at least 1/16" from the end of the tube when inserted in the tube.

Next I used a 1/4 x 7/16 rod coupling nut (Home Depot) for the handle. This had to be drilled out to 7/32" so it will slide over the brass tube.

So you slide the handle over the tube, the nail "bit" slides into the tube until the head of the nail bottoms out on the handle. I glued mine together with some JB Weld. Marking one side of the handle as a reference point helps when counting turns.

I made a bunch of these for my friends, they all love them. If anyone wants one the price with postage is $8.00. Email me at

I hope the instructions are clear enough if you want to make your own, I would post pics but I don't have a web site so I'm unable to.



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