glove recommendation?

Hi All,

Anyone have any recommendations for some good *long lasting* gloves?

My last pair were Thor Core 3 and they've lasted about 20 hours. Maybe my palms are too sweaty!

Anyone have a brand/model they think is great?


And no I did not do a search on this topic...sometimes you can just be too lazy for that!



I too quit using the thor cores, the fingertips split out on my last 2 pairs and one of my buds, the most comfortable gloves I have are the alpine stars smx but the first few times you get them wet the dye from the leather turns your hands black. No fears are pretty good too.

I have a set of Oneal gloves that say "elements" on them, I'm guessing that's the model. They were about $20 and seem to be holding up well. Worth the $20 anyway. They did stretch during break in, but just a little bit.


I use the Mechanix M-Pact 2 Kevlar. They are well padded in the knuckle, finger, and the palm, and have lasted me about 50 hrs. so far.

I bought them at PEP-BOYS auto parts store for about $35.00.

I'll buy another pair if these ever wear out


I hope this helps


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Thanks for the recommendations...

Time to head to the store!

Steve T

I have had a pair of MSR gloves for almost 2yrs and they are still pretty good!

they have rubber fingertips that are great for grip.

I would have to say I would buy another pair.

I also had a pair of THORs but they only lasted about a yr and that was stretchin' it!

I have a pair of FOX Pawtector's they seem to be holding up well.

I have had sinisalo gloves for a long time. I would say at least 1 1/2 years out of each pair. Great gloves.

-- Charles

AXO Vector. One look at the features and you'll agree. Check out their site. I think?

I have a pair of AXO's at least four years old which WILL NOT wear out or lose their comfort. My THORS are giving out after a year.

Ditto on the Sinisalo gloves......especially the Tech's. You can get them through Bob's at ridiculously low prices at times. Check out their clearance sale for around $19. These gloves are incredibly durable and don't have the wrist velcro straps. Actually, if you want to consider any other gloves, Bob's has great prices on '01 and '00 gloves. For price reference, I picked up a pair of Sinisalo SCD pants for $69 and these pants normally retail at $149. These are top-of-the-line pants.

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