Replacment Rims

Just picked up a WR400 and the original rims are looking a bit square. I was planning on relacing them myself, and was looking for suggestions of where to purchase new rims.

Also - Are they pretty much standard, assuming the spoke count and the width are the same? Can I reuse my spokes?

I've done this a bunch of times on bicycle wheels, but this would be my first on a MC.



'98 WR400

Any dealer, or independent shop, should be able to order them. I've re-used spokes with no problem, as long as they're staight and shiny you should be ok...

Rims can be model-specific, so make sure they're for your make/model/year bike.... :)

Hey Rich, thanks for the info. I notice that you're also in Tucson. I'm just getting back into the dirt bike game and really haven't found a favorite shop yet - any feedback?



Eastside shop in town! They've been selling Yamahas for longer than I can remember and I was born here, 45 years ago. The current owners are both ex-Racers, they did Baja several times and are real good people. I've never heard any horror stories about the place, either...

Tell them I sent you, be good brownie points for me :)

So I take it you're in Tucson? We'll have to go for a ride some time, I'll have a few days off in a couple weeks, and I usually do a couple AM rides(before work, 2:30-11PM) during the week, as well.

ZIPTY racing has INCREDIBLE prices on D.I.D.s.

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