Gearing Question

Hi, recently bought an 07 YZ450f and was wandering what the previous owner was trying to accomplish. stock gearing is 13/49 according to owners manual and the bike has 12/48 isn't that about the same, I wanna set it up for woods riding and GNCC and maybe a MX once in a while should I go up one or two in the back. Thanks Jim.

I have the same bike, this spring I bought new sprockets and went from 13/53 to 13/51. The 51 rear is way nice for the track but as the snow is melting higher in the mountains now I'm starting to miss my 53 rear. I'd try a 52 or 53 if you like the tight trails

Ok think I'll try a 51 a and see what that does for me. Thanks for the response.

I love the stock gearing, overall it is good gearing for every type of riding/racing I do.

I have the same bike. I just replaced the stock sprockets (13 and 49) with 13 and 50. I really like the change, was just what I needed to get a little more snap out of the corners. For mostly woods riding a 51 might be better choice though. I ride allot of desert and some woods so had to make a compromise. I also have an aftermarket pipe, other wise stock motor. The 50 also allowed me to move the rear wheel up which really helped the turning without a loss of the stability these bikes are known for.

I'll give the 51 a try and if not what I want I'll put a 13 up front that should get me were I wanna be,Thanks again for the replies.

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