2012-13 WR450F Header Pipe

I smacked a tree at 20mph last weekend while riding Red River on the TX/OK border. Anyone have a stock header pipe for a 2012/13 they want to let go for a good price. Funds are limited right now and my bike is out of commission until I get a pipe. Its smashed into the oil temp sensor and throttle cable, also appears to be touching the rear shock. You can send me an email at jacobgroves@gmail.com if you have one you want to let go. Also if another year pipe will work even if it reduces power thats fine. I noticed on some ebay listings they state the pipe from the WR450F 07-13 is the same? Any help is greatly appreciated.


I have a 2013 exhaust on my 2008. seemed to be pretty close if not the same.

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