Ticking noise after piston change

So i just replaced the piston in my bike, it was a Prox size b and i changed it to a prox size c in an attempt to tighten up and quiet down the engine a bit but now ive got a really obvious ticking noise coming from the cylinder, It sounds like a really dry metal noise . I checked my cleances before i took the old piston out and they were good but i never checked them when i put it back together since nothing should have moved.

Could this be anything to do with putting the slightly bigger piston in? Im positive it never made this noise before and am getting pretty paranoid that i never put in the wristpins properly or something. Bike drives fine and everything but im on the verge of pulling it apart again just to be sure.

bikes an 09.

Edited by Bigdong

heres a video of it

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