New 2012 yz450f Suspension keeps botoming out

So I went to the track and I had real issue with suspension I was bottoming out everywhere so when I got home I did some research how to adjust it properly, my bike is about 3 weeks old,

I weight 185 pounds so I did the fallowing

Rear shock

Sag 3.75 inch

HI comp: 1 turn 1/4

Low comp tried 7 - 6 clicks out

rebound tried 12 - 11 clicks out

Front Forks

Comp 5 clicks out

Rebound 7 Clicks out

Was a big improvement but on huge Gap and Jumps I still bottom out and my clicker are almost to the max =S ppl saying my frame is almost touching the ground when I hit a jump

so I wanted to make my front forks stiffer by adding 0.3 - 0.5 Oz of oil but I'm not sure if I need to separate my forks apart or just put it through the bleeding screw on top =S

Help would be appreciated

Thank you

You need heavier springs....

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I would like to know how to add oil in my forks before trying new spring im pretty close to perfect just need a bit stiffer in front

Pop the bleeders open and syringe it in.....

Without proper springs your suspension will never be close to good. Paul Thede says it time and time again that springs are the most overlooked performance mod you csn buy....

Yup, the first thing you should do is put in the proper springs...

With gear etc you probably weigh more than the stock springs are designed to support , new springs would be the best option.

However, you can add oil to your forks. The manual even states a range of oil volumes. Best way is to use a fork spanner, undo the top ( outer nut ) while the bike is on a stand and the forks are hanging and fill the outer chamber with the extra oil ( S1 ). You will need to undo the bars etc and push the forks up a little once the cap is undone to add the oil.

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