Hot cams

What's your thoughts on Them?


You have them

Yeh stage one. Mellowed out the curve, more even power delivery. I didn't need the shim kit but something ppl have had to invest in right away depends on your valves....every 4 stroke i own from now on will have a set

Hard to install??

Have you tore a bike apart before? Just make sure you top dead center before the tear down and count your links between cams take pics before you even take off the timming chain. So you refur back to them should be much of a problem install and check you clearances and ill be fine

I have just not putting differnt cams

My bike has them and it runs strong power is smooth but I've not ridden it with stock cams my buddy says it pulls harder then any yz he has ridden

Like anything its a balance, i think some great questions are;

what other mods have been done ?

how long do you want the valve train to survive?

what is the intended purpose of the bike, ( tight woods, hill climbs, drag racing, pro level motox)

where do i want to make more power ( down low, up high or to smooth out the whole range )

Cam shafts are essentially the attitude of the output of the engine with the ability to move around the peek power and torque. this being said multiple other components come into play, piston and compression ratio, cyclinder head design, porting and flow, desired rpm range ect ect.

generally one would upgrade the camshafts to complement other mods like a bump in compression, cyclinder porting, intake and exhaust work ect ect,

the camshaft is a great component to help adjust power delivery,

an example would be the differences between the yamaha WR and YZF, a very similar engine is used ( except for the 2010 and on ) where power delivery is smoothed out with a combination of timing and camshaft differences, making the wr more tractable and smooth where the yzf is quite peeky and abrupt. im not entirely sure about the crf-r and the crf -x but i would imagine would be quite similar.

some things to think about, with a more agressive cam other components are needed, such as heavier valvesprings, pistons with bigger valve reliefs, hardened valve seats.

i have a crf 450r with a hot cam and i really like it, with a high comp. piston and 488 big bore kit the hot cam was a quite the complement to the components i already had.

I just want to get rid of my decomp lever. An plug the hole.

He'll yeh that's the only reason I got the hot cams cuz if your gonna spend the money get some power! Just do it when u tear down take pic and any problems u may have the experts on here " not me by any means" will help you through!

Thanks Man!

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