99 YZ400f

I have a 99 YZ400f . The gear position indicator became brittle and the mounting tabs broke. Does this need to be replaced? Will it affect the way the engine runs? I can make a block off plate to replace it, no problem. But want to know what will happen if I do.

It may or may not start a little differently, but as long as the blue/white wire never gets grounded, the bike will just think it's never in neutral.

That's it? SWEET. It starts pretty easy without it. I just wasn't sure if it had a different timing for each gear or something and would be stuck in some low power mode if it wasn't hooked up or something. Thanks.

If it gets grounded, the CDI will think it's in neutral, and the rev limit will drop from 11,500 to 6500. That would be a low power mode.

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