2012+ WR450F - Parts, what fit?

Hi all,

I am the proud owner of a brand new 2012 WR450F. I just picked it up from the dealer on Friday and had a few short outings here and there over the weekend. So far I have fitted to competition kit exhaust along with the "power-bomb" header, removed the airbox snorkel. The shop already remapped the stock ECU to "open" and removed the throttle stop.

My question is, what parts from other bikes (i.e. older WRs, or current YZ250/450F) will I be able to fit on the new WR? So far, my old wheel set from my old steel framed WR fit without hesitation. What about swingarm, or my Öhlins rear shock (all from old WR450F)?

I am thinking of upgrading the triple clamps to a Xtrig set, I have an offer for the full clamp set (top + bottom) for the YZ450F 2010+ and just the top clamp for the YZ250F 2011. Will any of these clamps fit directly on to the WR without much trouble? Is it safe to asume that the top triple clmap mount from the 250 will fit given these two bikes share the same frame, or are the forks spaced apart differently?

Thanks in advance!

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