2004 450 cant keep coolant in it.

i was riding in the dunes yesteday and i noticed on the way back to camp my bike was pouring coolant out of the overflow pretty good. i just figured it was because we had a little bit if a tail wind. well no matter what i did it was loosing coolant out of the overflow. ive had this bike in the dunes for 6 years and ive never had an overheating problem with it. i have a works connections temp sticker on my cylinder and it was showing around 185 degrees for temp and was still boiling over. at one time it was pouring out when my sticker even said just 158 degrees. i tried a new 16 psi radiator cap, that didnt help and i made sure it was circulating coolant by watching it with the cap off. whats going on here? head gasket failure?

it sounds like your head gasket let go to me

yeah thats what i was thinking. should i expect water in the oil? i havent had a change to drop the oil yet. it looks fine on the dipstick.

Figured id update this for any future searchers. Replaced the head gasket and the problem went away.

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