knee and elbow pads

I'm looking for some knee and elbow pads. I'm not looking for braces, just something to protect the joins in the event of an ugly dismount. What do you all recommend?


sirthumpsalot, It's nice to here from someone else here in So. FL.

Back to your question. I bought some really nice soft knee pads and some used hard shell hockey elbow pads (that have saved me more than once in the woods at Thundercross) at Play-it-again Sports. I paid $4.00 for the knee pads and $7.00 for the elbow pads.

I hope this helps.


Using the Fox pivot knee guards -- a little big but great coverage and protection. Also, using the Fox elbo guard -- some discomfort at first, but once you start to ride you don't even notice there on. Don't cut corners when it comes to protection. My 2 cents

Pete :)

Last week I blew a berm and like the newbie that I am, pulled back on the track right in front of the leader who just put his YZ125 in 3rd. One heck of a hit. Ripped off my right radiator. Destroyed my header pipe. My knee absorbed the rest of the blow. Luckily my 2 yr. old Fox pivots were the only thing broken. Limped for a couple of days. Nailed my broken knee guard to the wall of my race trailer to remind me to always wear my new ones.



what up? I use standard rollerblade knees pads which work really well, but my dad uses, or used to use carpenter knee pads for the extra hardness i guess you could say. Good luck bro!!

I use the fox knee pads and they are very comfortable.

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