Need quit exhaust for 2003 Yamaha WR450F

How the hell do you guys remove the allen screws from the muffler end of the pipe to remove the tip? it seems damn near impossible and I think I stripped the one allen bolt. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead::cry:

Ended up stripping out a couple of mine too and had to use new self drillers in new holes. My Q is ancient anyway and wasn't a big deal to use new screws.

Drill out the old screws. Replace with self tappers if you can find some big enough. Pop rivits or new holes are options too.

I'd have to go with n16ht5 opinion. Ive read his silencer shoot out thread.he rides enough and would appear he would know how each pipe performs.

I just wouldn't take his opinion on the weight of a WR . He just thinks his WR is a light dirtbike

It's only heavy when you aren't in shape :goofy:

I just like making fun of people who complain about the weight when they should have bought a YZ250 to get their weekend warrior sideways flat brimmed hat hole shots ;)

I've run the FMF Q4 and found the spark arrestor was more of an afterthought (quite restrictive). I had to rejet when I ran the spark arrestor. But then I was not legal on USFS land. And the LEXX with the trail saver is much quieter.

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