Compression Braking Noticed when shifting UP?

Hey everyone whats going on? Hope eveyones' rides are running great, i just noticed something strange on mine and was wondering if any of you have had this happen or noticed it before..

When i took out my yz450 for a ride, ive noticed that when i shift up into a higher gear and release the clutch i feel compression braking, i know its supposed to do that when you downshift but is it normal to feel it when you shift up? Im pretty sure it has never done that or to the extent it just did right now but is something not set up right or does anything seem unusual? Its a 2011, thank u in advance..

The only logical thing is if you still have the throttle closed when you let the clutch out after an up shift. I have to say I seldom use the clutch for shifting at all. Back of the throttle for a moment a hair to take the load off the tranny and shift it. If you do it right it should be smooth and quick. Far better than a clumsy shift using the clutch.

Hold up, lol am i missing something, do u have a rekluse clutch? Or u can shift without using the clutch? Can u please elaborate? Thanks

Oh and yea, i have the throttle closed when i shift up bc i pull the clutch in, i think if i gave it throttle while shifting, i would redline it for a second when the clutch is engaged, so everytime i shift, i close the throttle

You should not feel any real clunk or lurch at all when you shift the bike, whether you use the clutch or not. If you actually feel the bike decelerate slightly when you shift it your not opening the throttle soon enough. We're talking fractions of a second here. Too much throttle on an upshift and your slipping the clutch as your letting it out. It's just a matter of timing your foot, clutch and throttle hand. It's all about being smooth and quick. But like I said, the only time I ever use the clutch is to get going or when I need to slip it on uphills or in corners or something.

Hey thanks for the input, i thought about it for a sec and your right, too soon and you do slip the clutch, so when you wait too long, the bike decelerates.. Even on an upshift... Its normal... right? Like any stock 4 stroke? Man its just weird bc ive had the bike for 2 years now and i barely noticed this on my last ride... I dont know, i still feel like im not fully used to it... Im thinking of trading it for a yz250 (only thing that kept me from getting a 2011 yz250, was the somewhat older technology, regardless of how badass it really is)... On another note, your bike doesnt have a rekluse right? Can u shift without the clutch on.. say my bike (all stock), is it better or worse to shift without the clutch? Thanks for your response, i can sleep easier at night now lol

No, no Rekluse on mine. Mines all stock in the tranny. Just try to be as smooth as possible when you shift it, that's all.

The faster you pick up the next gear the faster you go. I took a hard look at the YZ250 too, just for a change, but the price difference wasn't enough to warrant buying an old design.

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