Crud in Oil Filter

I changed the oil in my YZ450 this afternoon for the first time since getting a stainless steel reuseable oil filter. I cleaned it in a pan of mineral spirits with a tooth brush (tastes horrible now). Afterwards I filter the mineral spirits back into the can for reuse.

I noticed what I thought was an excessive amount of debris had come off the filter. I should have taken a picture of it. Not like I was panning for gold or anything, but definitely metallic.

Being new to dirt bikes and brand new to a cleanable oil filter in any application, I was wondering if any experienced guys had any comments.

Is this normal? Or is my bike grinding itself into oblivion? Or both?

Bear in mind that I ride like a little girl and this oil had possibly 20 hours of running time on it. Half of that is probably idling. The bike seems to run well (but I may not know what a well running 450 feels like).

A picture would tell the story

A picture would tell the story

Ill get one next time. Not sure if the phone/camera will have enough resolution or be able to focus lose enough.

The oil filter is there because the crud is. What you found sounds entirely normal. If there is a sudden increase in the amount, or you suddenly start seeing unusual things, like 1mm steel flakes, then worry about it.

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