07 yz450f maintenance

I just bought a 2007 yz450f and have no history on the bike. I'm pretty new to mx and even more new to four stroke bikes so please help! The bike is stock as far as I know other than an FMF pipe. I have rode the bike for a couple hours and it runs strong but stutters a lil bit at lower rpms. What should I do as far as maintanence before I ride more and how can I fix this stuttering issue? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

air filter and oil change would be the first thing,look at the oil filter for metal,some aluminum is normal but magnetic chunks or brass filings usually not.I had to unplug the TPS on my 07 to get it to run smooth,its an easy try.Might also need a carb cleaning,I would buy an extended fuel screw , a magnetic drain bolt and a stainless oil filter as soon as you can.

ok I did clean the air filter this past weekend(it was extremely dirty). Where is the oil filter located on these?

right side just in front the clutch cover,you will see the lil round cover with 3 bolts.Bottom bolt is an alignment bolt,there is a sticky at the top describing on how to change the oil,sounds like you need to read it.

yes I do need to read it haha project for this week is just making sure the bike is safe to ride and up to date on all maintenance. I wanna do this before I hit the track again this weekend.

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