2007 yz450 cornering Issue

I have an 07 yz450 and have never really been able to compare how this bike handles to any other bike. I rode a '13 RMZ450 this weekend and I was so amazed at how that bike turned it wasn't even funny. I could feel the tire grabbing the dirt, I could feel I could push harder, I could feel a steady loss of traction (progressive?)

I think there is something wrong with my bike, other than being "a Yamaha doesn't turn" issue. I had a few people ride my bike briefly and they all agree something is definitely wrong.

Here is how my bike feels to me:

Any turn whether flat or slopped feels like skating on ice. Front end does not grab, I cannot select a line going in or going out. I have to stay seated because the bike never gives me confidence to stand up leaving a turn. I can't stand with an off camper slope because the bike feels like it'll just slip under me. Any lean off camber is an instant jolt of loss of traction. I couldn't tell the difference between the new front tire I put on. I feel like the only time I can ride aggressive is if there is a large bank/berm to lean off of. The rear tire slips out if I push just a tiny bit. I'll go from slipping low slide and then feel like high side with moderate throttle action. I can't get into a rut, and then if I'm in one, feels like bike wants out.

Here is how my bike feels to others:

Bike pulls one direction, bike feels like bars are bent. Hard to ride.

The bike has fresh RG3 suspension with Smart Valving set up for my level riding (beginner mx). Suspension feels amazing, RG3 did an amazing job! I put a fresh Bridgestone M403 on front and M404 on back.

I had a major crash that left my bars bent pretty bad when I first bought the bike. They were replaced with protapers in the KW bend. I want to say that my bar mounting doesn't line up 100% the way it was before, but not sure. I took apart the whole suspension when I sent it to RG3 and remounted everything the way the manual shows/specs.

The only reason I've taken this long to write this, is because I feel I can no longer push the bike any faster. I feel the bike is limiting me from pushing, and gaining speed through a turn.

I really need to resolve this issue otherwise I'm moving on. Is it possible I've bent my triple clamps?

I'm 6'0" about 190. stock springs

Move the forks up in the triple clamps to 5mm. If the bike starts to knife then go down a mm. If it doesn't knife go to 7mm.

Check your sag. Make sure the bike is level front to back.

My 403 doesn't like more then 12 psi. If it's muddy then 9 or 10 psi.

Go to a 110 rear tire. It will help with the pushing through corners as it isn't grabbing as much traction and pushing the bike.

Rider position is so key on the these bikes.

Do the above and report back. Not trying to be rude but if the above doesn't make everything go away then your suspension isn't great. Having the forks setup correctly greatly improves cornering. But it has to be right.

Forgot to mention that my forks are up 5mm to the first line based on rg3's recommendation. Ill try 7mm this weekend. I've been running tire pressure at 14psi. Same as the rmz I rode.

Also I'm running a 110/90/19 which was stock on this bike? Am I missing something??

I have the same bike. Your symptoms sound unusual. As others have said sag is important as is rider position. I run forks 5mm up and 95mm sag. I am 185 lbs. I did have to soften the forks a couple of clicks both comp and rebound as the bike was headshaking when I got it. Stock springs. Where the rear wheel is positioned also makes a difference, all the way back can make the bike turn slower. I bleed the forks after every ride as air in them really affects the turning.

I run an MX51 up front and it sticks pretty well. I wouder if you did bend something up front in that big crash you mentioned. How do the forks and bars move when the bike is on a stand? Are the bound up at all? These bikes can have issues with the steering head bearings.

Mine does not turn fantastic but its not bad.

Good luck with solving the problem.

The forks move just fine on the stand. No binding issues. I replaced the bearings and raceways already.

I also bleed the air in the forks before every ride.

I too am wondering if it's possible something has been bent up. But what is there left? Triple clamps and bar mounts. Could either of those cause the problem I'm experiencing?

A few of these generation bikes have had cracks in the frame. Have you closely examined the frame, especially around the steering head for any cracks? Wheels are true, bearings seem ok?

Just trying to think of what else could be the cause.

A little off the wall but make sure you are using a good tire gauge. I went out and bought a quality one. My last cheapo was giving false readings. When checked against a shop gauge the cheapo read 12 psi when I really had 21 psi in the tire.

Be sure to use a dial type, low pressure gauge that tops out at no more than 50 psig. That way, they're more accurate in the 10-20 pound range.

Not sure about the '07 but I have an '09 and race sag is critically important on my bike. Play with different setting and don't be afraid to experiment. Write down your base line and if all else fails you can go back where you started. I run 13 psi in the fron tire with the forks slid up 7 mm in the triple clamps. Race sag is happiest at 102 to 105 believe it or not. I know that sounds soft, but it let's the back end settle in the turns. And as others have mentioned rider position is key to front tire grip. Get up on that tank. Good luck.

Not sure if this is the problem but I found I had shot front wheel bearings. I could wiggle the front tire about 1/2" in both directions. This is probably where the issue lies.

Also never really played with different race sag settings or fork height. Time to start messing around.

You guys go to the track, ride a few laps then head back to the pits and adjust? I need to spend more time at the track. Usually I put about an hour sometimes an hour and a half on the meter then go home. About a 2.5 hour ordeal from entering to leaving.

Yeah you could probably do it in that time frame. But it would be at the cost of regular riding. When we go for a "test" day of riding its to ride a setting for a few laps, usually picking out a particular jump or turn to try the new settings. We judge if it was better or worse and we sometimes go pretty far off our baseline just to see what it feels like. Main thing is write your settings down which ever way you go. Again don't be afraid to adjust things. You can always set it back.

Thank you, I appreciate your help. I bought a new RMZ, but same rule applies.

Thank you, I appreciate your help. I bought a new RMZ, but same rule applies.

I think you had a bad suspension job 190 with stock springs will let the suspension dive to deep/ride to deep into the stroke under hard turning in my opinion. So how much do you want for the broken yz? I'll start at 500 seeing as how it won't turn lol jk well sort of. I understand why you went with a new bike because who would not if you could but I will say that my 03 turns as good as a newer Honda according to my friend that rides in the pro class in gp's. So I think it is safe to say your suspension job was messed up from my point of view any how. Good luck on the new rig they are pretty cools bikes

I see your 500 and raise you 2500.

lol this game already got to rich for my blood have fun with the new bike :cheers:

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