Winter storing

What is the best way of storing a YZ426?

It will be kept in a garage with temperatures well below zero.

I prayed WD-40 all over the brake rotors to keep from rusting.

I drained the carb of fuel.

I was wondering if it was i good idea to fogg the engine, but im scared it will give me trouble in spring in starting it back up(since they are so hard to start to begin with).

Is it okay to just drain the carb or should i spray something to keep things from cracking (rubber seals ect.)

Is it okay to leave fuel in the tank or should i drain it now or whait till spring to drain.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Boy i wished i lived down south, im already going nuts not being able ride. Maybe i should tade it in for a sled, NO WAY!!

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Here are my suggestions:

1. Move South!

2. Buy some spikes tires and ride on the sled trails and lakes!

Just kidding, just kidding. I know how you feel I grew up in Maine and couldn't wait for spring to ride again. I remember many a time riding on rock hard frozen dirt and freezing my @ss off.

Don't know about the 426 specifically but we never did anything special to our XRs over the winter other than changing the oil and filter before putting them up. I hear it's not good to leave used oil in the crank case as it contains acids and such from the combustion process. When we got a hot spell (relatively speaking) in the middle of the winter, we'd fire up the bikes and play around in the slush a little. Maybe just starting it up a few times over the course of the winter and having fresh oil in the crank case is good enough.

Think Spring!

Where u from in Canada?

I live in Ontario and my bike is also put away for the winter i just followed the instructions in my manual.i cleand it up really good and sprayed the whole bike with wd40 i some engine oil in with the sapark plug and kicked the piston over a couple of times holding the engins stop.and i also drained all the gas from the tank and carb then ran some gas stabalizer through it.

Just a general comment, instead of using WD40 you may want to try some spray silicone. WD40 can cause rubber and plastic parts to get brittle and crack over time. Silicone is much better for these parts.

Adam I live in Ottawa

I guess i will change the oil i dint know about the acid in the oil.


Dont forget to deflate the tires to half pressure. change oil, drain fuel,fog engine with fogging spray. My best recommandation would be to get the bike inside . Basement? livingroom? dont laugh I have seen it done. And of course a thorough bath to avoid any corrosion in corners and on fasteners Etc. ----2001YZ426F 1996XR650L

Defenitely empty tank and run all fuel out of carb. Not sure about the oil and spraying wd40 on rotors. Avoid getting them on pads. I feel for you guys that can't ride year round.

Jim Broccoli

What do you guys think about using Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer? I was going to fill my tank all the way full (to prevent water from condensation), add the Sta-Bil, run the enginge to get the Sta-Bil into the carb, etc.

Is this o.k., or do you guys prefer to get all of the fuel out of the bike?

BTW, I totally agree on the oil change. Besides, it's 1 less thing to do next Spring!

'01 YZ426

Hey Adam, I almost put my bike away for the winter but it doesn't look like i will need to for a bit anyways. Supposed to be 15 degrees today!!!

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