426 to 450 carb swap?

I had once read that useing a 450 carb on the 426 helps with hard starts and makes them run better. But i cant remember what year 450 carb was the best to use and what might have to be done to get it set up? thanks

I'm sure grayracer will reply but I asked this and an 08 is the best I put one on mine just make sure you get all the cables with it ,throttle and hot start cable, relocates it to clutch so ill have to get the perch with hot start. I got to take mine a short spin before my radiator started leaking and it was very noticeable.

i do have the hot start there already

Ok then the cables should be the same but still get one with all the cables just in case. Think I gave 200 for mine on eBay with everything 06-08 would be the way to go

The aftermarket cable kit for 426 hot starts won't fit a 450 carb.

The best carbs are any of the '05-'09's.

Ok so what makes them so special. Currently I have a jetting issue maybe I can benefit from the carb swap

What makes what special? The newer carbs?  They're a more advanced design internally.  The '05 and up have an accelerator pump leak jet so the pump can be more robust without slobbering gas into the engine when it's not needed.  Much better idle and part throttle performance, starting.  Much less fussy about little changes in the weather.

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