Pismo / Oceano Dunes

Several enviormental groups headed by the sierra club have hired the enviomental defense center (a private law firm) to sue the state parks dept. for violating the endangerd species act by not protecting the Western snowey plover, the CA least stern and the steel head trout. In 1982 they took 90% of the riding area but apparently that was'nt enough for them! I dont mean this to be a downer, but thought I should share this info with all of you.

That sucks, and unfortunately they'll get it eventually. I go to Pismo every chance I get knowing it may be my last. It makes me sick to see all the beer bottles and trash that is left there after a big weekend. We stayed an extra 2 days after Thanksgiving and there were people taking pictures Monday morning of the beach and trash laying around, I'm sure to add fuel to their closure fire. Don't even get me started about the I just saw a cool video and want to be like them and make big fire wannabe's at comp. hill at nite, not to mention all the other crap that goes on. Unfortunately the stupid birds aren't the only reason for closure it's stupid people. Sorry just needed to vent.

Ditto! I can't believe it is still running! Maybe they should charge 50.00 a night to clean the beach. That might discourage the thoughtless skum that trash our riding areas!

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