Help, Valve Clearances Spreadsheet WR400

Hey guys.

I'm gonna put in my '03 Auto Decomp Cam in the morning, but I forgot my mannual (4 hours away from my parents place).

Could someone please scan the page in the mannual that has the chart with the different shim sizes and email it to me or post it here. I know it's alot to ask.....

My bike is a '99 WR400 if it makes a difference.

Thanks a million :)

I just found it on Motomans site.

Are the specs the same for a WR400 as a YZF426 ?

If so I'm set.

Thanks again. :)

Okay, I found what I need, but the

YZF426 Exhaust valve clearance is .20-.25 mm

WR400 Exhaust valve clearance is .25-.30 mm

So should I just shoot for a .25mm with the new '03 YZF450 cam or what?

I would go with what it says for the wr because thats the motor that you are putting the cam in, to achieve the proper piston to valve clearance.

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