Knobby Hill MX Track Ride

Well finally got Reed's(reed YZ426) bike starting again. One of the KC Blue Riders had the appropiate jets for the bike. After I found out the dealer had the fuel screw set over 4 turns. It was amazing that the dang thing didn't fall out. LOL

But sneaked out yesterday to take him riding to allow him to ride with a four stroke rider instead of the two stroke friends he had been riding with that thought he needed to try and ride it like them. LOL After about four and half hours on the bike he was riding much better, even catching some air. We still need to setup the bike more to him. This bike is weird though. It is the only one that doesn't have any sag(zero). I initially was like what the heck? Jason in KC loosened up the shock collar but still didn't give any. So we are going to play with it a little more.

Today we went to Knobby Hill MX track. Pretty cool new track in the KC area. Had some interesting jumps and layout. Pat(KC Husky), Jim, Jason(Jason in KC), Reed, two youths on 4-wheelers and myself spent a good deal of the day by ourselves. Racing the kids on the 4-wheelers and ourselves, LOL. Playing on a nice little step-up jump and tabletop. Great day, great riding, great company. What more could you ask for?

Ya, it was a good day with good company. Even with having a punkin rider with us. I thought it was going to kinda of su*k after we first got there. And found out that there was no woods at all. Being that me and Jim are not much of MX'ers. But after a while of coach Jason (Jason in KC > "Blue thunder") giving advise on jumping it turned the day around. That thing about doing the seat bounce is still out for me though. I'm thinking about another 100 more times doing the loop around the up hill jump to the down hill jump, I might have it, LOL. I'm going to have to work on getting the double into the loop now.

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That was a great time at the track..I don't consider myself much of a track rider but this place just inspired us to jump. No big doubles or crazy jumps..everything was mellow and the layout w/uphill jumps and elevation changes just made it fun. We will get you guys doing the "seat bounce" and clearing that uphill jump w/ease in no time..I'm ready to go up there again. Had fun riding w/my buds. Jason

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