Team Graphics for WRs!! maybe coming soon!!

Well guys,

I sent pictures of my YZ graphics install on my WR426F to MotoXXX and told them that there are many WR owners looking for team kits for their bikes. Here is the response I got from MotoXXX. Lets keep pushing, it could be happening soon. The release of the Honda "X" bikes could also help our case.

"Thanks for the photos, the bike really turned out looking great. I will definitely keep the idea of making WR graphics in the future. We would like to make graphics for every bike, but the cost is considerable. Thanks again for the photos and have a good weekend.

Best regards,

Scott Roegner

Moto xXx

Rider Support


link to installation pics: :)

YZ moto-XXX graphics on WR426F

PS... here is my original email to motoXXX

"I thought you might be interseted in seeing your YZ moto-XXX graphics kit on a WR426F. Yes, it can be done, even the seat cover. We WR owners have practically no graphics kits for our bikes, no team kits whatsoever. If you do a search on Thumpertalk in the WR4XXX forum (online talk site), you will see that many of us are looking for a team graphics kit for our WRs. The response to what I did to your kit was very positive.

Attached below are some pictures. I trimmed the tank graphics to make it look clean for the WR Tank. The seat cover was pretty hard to put on, especially the front, which is wider on the WR. I decided to put the YZ rear fender on my WR, so that addressed the rear fender grahics issue.

Anyway, I hope these pictures motivate you to build some kits for WRs. There are alot of them out there looking for a nice team kit. You have a market opportunity. Honda also has the "x" bike coming out for dirt riders, so the market is only getting bigger."


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