Anyone have a petcock problem with Clarke tank?

I had a Clarke 3.3 gallon YZF tank on my bike for a while, the one that a lot of people here use on their WR's with the YZF style seat. I sold it to a guy (thanks to TT) yesterday and when he put it on his bike today he said there is a gas leak around the petcock. He took it back off and flipped the o-ring over and it still leaked, but not as bad. I never had any problem when the tank was on my bike. His bike is an '02 yzf426 so it seems odd that the 0-ring seal would be bad already, but I guess it is possible. Has anyone else had a problem with that?

I have the Clarke tank on my WR426. Today while working on my bike I happened to notice that the gasket was all cracked. It's not leaking but I should probably replace it soon. I put the tank on about a year ago.

I had the same problem when I bought a used IMS tank. After several failed attempts to stop the leak I called IMS. They sent me, free of charge a thick gasket to go between the petcock and the tank. Problem solved. Kudos to IMS. Even if they charged a little it would have been well worth it. :)

I had the problem on an IMS tank. I ended up fixing it by using some silicon lube/ sealer (quite thick) on the o ring. With the stock factory gasket, the surface has to be perfect!

I used a knife sharpening stone to make the area smooth first.

Overall, the IMS tank sucks.

I had the same problem with my NEW tamk from clarke....I actually removed the gasket and put the petcock directly on the plastic..NO LEAK!!!

Works great for me and I cant see what the drawbacks would be. Have him try that.

I have changed tanks many times always using the gasket for stock and no gasket with the Clarke.

Good luck, Bud :)

I had the same problem, fixed it using this on the petcock O-ring ”Permatex Form-a-gasket 2B”. It's Gas/Kerosene specific. Get it at any Auto parts store. Over 14 X/C races and no leakage. :)

I went and got a new petcock gasket and put it on works like a charm. Thanks guys.

Just put an IMS tank on my 02 WRF and had to replace the stock petcock o-ring style gasket due to leakage. It was already hardening.

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