2012+ WR450 Exhaust. GYTR vs FMF

I went in to buy the GYTR FMF exhaust for my 2012 WR450 today, and since Yamaha is waiting on the next batch before my dealer gets any more in stock, the parts guy suggested I buy the FMF Powercore 4. He said the GYTR and Powercore exhausts are exactly the same and Yamaha just slaps a GYTR sticker on theirs and calls it good. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

That is correct. Only the sticker is different.


My GYTR was back ordered but I only waited a week and a half. Parts guy said same thing. I elected to wait because I like the logo better... but then again I am a bit weird.

Thanks for the replies, looks like I will be getting the FMF if its not in stock when I go back to the dealer.

I have a ti gytr 4.1 (hex style) on my 2008. Think is for the newer bikes cause I had to make a new gasket for it to fit my header. my dealer ordered the wrong one (ordered the stainless powerbomb) Knowing the ti 4.1 was a better pipe i kept it and love it!

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