all right i bought a used 2001 wr426 (18 miles). Question #1 I've removed the muffler insert and snorkle. Noticed a bit of performance. I needed more so I figured out how to get the throttle to go full open. Now I notice the bottom is responsive and when wicked the bike screams to life, not as fast as the old KX but adequit.

Do I have to rejet? Reasoning mechanically nesessary or performance? I've been told both, it was jetted from factory to be ran in uncorked mode and the other side, you will burn it up if you don't.

question #2 I still haven't got the owners manuel from first owner.Ugly wipeout resulting in new bars and it appears the top and bottom clamps are misaligned any tips on fixing,& torque specs for axles, axle clamps, top clamp and fork clamps.?

Do a search on "throttle stop" - it will tell you how to get your throotle more than 2/3 open. Once you can run WFO come back with the KX comparison......

Welcome aboard! Leave your wallet at the door cause this place is hard on your budget (too many good ideas).


Amen to that! :)


Dude.. Once you open the throttle stop.. all the work you did on the other stuff will REALLY make a difference.. Opening that throttle Effects Intake.. and Exhaust.. The more air in.. mixed with More fuel (throttle stop modification) and WOW.. This is One Mean bike.. To Quote Dirtbike Magazine.. "this bikes a Brute..".

Goodluck.. And Have a blast.

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