need new bars, recommendations?

Well, today I bent the stock bars and I need to get some replacements. What do you all recommend? The stock bend is fine with me but I wouldn't mind a bit more durability. Also I want to order them in time to have this for next weekend and I will take any suggestions for online retailers as well.


Sirthumpy: When I got back into riding 3yrs ago on a 95 YZ 250,I was getting about 7 hours to a set of renthal bars before bending them in minor getoffs.After 4 sets I decided to put out the coin for ProTapers & universial mounts.I have since been through 3 bikes.On all 3 I have busted my famous Fatboy/Flying-W-Cartwheeling/Bike trick,several times.The ProTapers refuse to bend,(I wish I could say the same for myself.The older I get the slower I heal)Anyway I'm on my 2nd set of P/Ts and the only reason I bought this set was to try a different bend.I went from CR high to Doug Henry I like the D/H bend better. Great bars! :)

Ever seen the ProTaper ad in MXA?

"The Travis Pastrana action figure bends 13 ways, Protapers don't" ?? (or something like that)

They don't bend no matter what. I have had some get offs that bent the clamp on my KX250, but NEVER the bars. Those things will last until you DECIDE to take them off...Spend the $75-90 on a pair. It's the last set of bars you may ever buy. :)

I currently have the stock Magura SX bars on my KTM...they are basically pro-tapers...look into them too. Seem to be lasting despite a few nasty ones!

Oh trust me they bend...but they are very tough (toughest bar on the market)! I have gone throught 2 pairs of Pro Tapers and 1 pair of TAG's in the last year...but the 3x I have crashed hardest was when the bars bent, and 2 of the 3 crashes led to major injury! If you want the best go for the Pro Tapers! Later,


I have bent a few pair of renthals, overall they are a good bar. I have yet to bend pro-tapers, but have seen other people bend them. You can usually pick up pro-tapers in just about any magazine ad for $89-99 and the Renthals run about $60-65 in the ads. With the Renthals you can use your stock triple clamp, but with the pro tapers you have to buy an additional adapter kit (around $60) or another triple clamp ($100+). Now your in the dilemma of which triple clamp is better. Just whatever you do, do not go to your dealer and buy the $16 steel bars, because it is a trip you will make many times, not to mention missing out on a day of riding after a crash.

Anything but the cheap stock bars will do. But, keep in mind that the forces involved in a crash will be transmitted into and absorbed by something. You may want the bars to bend instead of the triple-clamps bending(or breaking). Back in the '70s a friend filled his bars with lead to prvent them from bending easily but broke the triple-clamps off when he crashed hard. I know technology has changed since then but natural forces haven't.

I went with the Renthal Fat Boy bars and the Allied triple clamp, they look good and have made it thru many a crash.

I went to Tag's on my KX a year or so back, I like them a lot. They seem to dampen the vibes better than Tapers but may be just a hair less durable. I just bought a set of Renthal's for the 426, went 2 weeks, had by annual big get-off and bent them. So basically I wasted 70+ bucks.

Bad on me.

My Azonics have survived a few get-offs. (well actually several get-offs, one bad one). I would rate them the most durable and I've tried Pro-Taper and Tag also. The Tags bent when I rode in a strong wind lol...

Definitely get rid of the stock "bendomatic handlebars" I personally run Renthal bars on both bikes. You dont really need a fat bar unless your putting your heels over the bars doing a "SARAN" or something. 2001 YZ426F 1996 XR650L :)

Go with pro-tapers, but they will bend......just not very easily and I wouldn't worry too much about tripple clamps breaking. I've had some unbelieveable get offs racing desert wide open on fast XR's. The pro-tapers are defenitely the way to go.

I'm going to price the pro-tapers and the required clamps and see if I can afford it, thanks to everyone for your feedback. :) I don't have any complaints with the stock bend, but do any of you have a favorite bend? I'm 6'0 and the ergos are great sitting, standing I feel a bit bent over.

Also how many bent bars are the result of the rider landing on the bars as opposed to hitting the ground? In this case I would rather have soft bars but I'm not sure how often this happens.

Thanks again!

I run the Renthal Fat Bar - basically a pro taper with an additional cross brace. If you manage to bend these - then the bar is the least of your worries.



hey my buddy just bent his renthals on his 00 426 so he bought the new Pro Taper CR bend and they feel really comfortable and have good control.

Renthal Twin walls rule there are almost industructable I am an experet at hard crashes I recently broke my hand. Didn't hurt the bars at all!

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