downloadable service manual

Does anyone know were I can find a downloadable manual for the 03-05 yz450. Or can some one help me out on the proper float settings for my bike? Thanks alot

You know, in the index, where it says, "Common Threads....look here first"? ;)

That's where they are:


Float level is set at 8mm, measured from the bottom of the float to the gasket flange, but you have to be careful. The manual explains, but not that clearly, that the measurement is taken at the point where the float needle just contacts the needle seat. There's a spring pin built into the needle that should not be compressed when the measurement is made. When you see the part about tilting the carb back at an angle, that's what it's about. That method is used to avoid letting the weight of the float sit on the needle, which would compress the pin part way.

Thanks grayracer I knew I seen them somewhere but I couldn't remember were it was at.

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