I need 02 WR426 Graphics for right above headlight

Does anyone know of anywhere I can get replacement graphics for the spot just above the headlight? I slid into a rut yesterday and when I went down something hit that white sticker and cracked the sticker and it started flaking off. Now it looks like crap. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to put there or where I can get something to replace of cover it?


I need one to.

You guys could just buy a package of white numberplate backing sheets thru N-style, One Ind. etc..and, cut it out yourselves. The other option, We have a local sign shop that specializes in MX graphics and can make you a custom front number plate. He already has the outline, as he did a friend's on mine. Call Steve Wagner @ Sign Connections (253)845-0771. He can ship them to you. Your other option is DeCal Works @ 1-800-843-8244.

Hope this helps,


Please tell me that you guys just like spending money or that your wife won't let you near the Xacto knife.

Decal works 1800 843-8244 they will make you one with your

number printed on it,or just plain white

A friend of mine works at 3M and got me a sheet of white

vinyl (sheet sticker) I made my own. I'm sure you can buy some in your home town.

Buy straight background stickers and cut out your own. I did black backgrounds on mine and it came out sweet.


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