Is this normal?(Fixed Video Is Up)

Have a look at this video. My bike is on a stand and the chain seems to skip. Not sure this is normal. I have never had the bike up on a stand with it running in gear. I was checking the new oil seal around the font sprocket shaft to make sure it didn't leak when I noticed the chain thing Edited by YZPaGuy

Yes, it's normal. No, it's not skipping.

What's happening is due to the engine being a single cylinder. It speeds up when it fires, and slows down everywhere in between, especially on the following compression stroke. The wheel is a little bit immune to this because it's kind of a big flywheel in its own right, but none the less, it gets suddenly accelerated and decelerated by the fluctuations in engine RPM, and that's what you're seeing in the chain.

Thanks Grey, especially for explaining why. I appreciated much. Have a great day!

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